Admin @ Sun, 7:05am Good Morning Streamers! If you are unable to see the stream and are watching using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, please copy and paste the following link into your browser:
Admin @ Sun, 7:06am
Admin @ Sun, 8:27am @cathlyn jackson, out livestream does not work in internet explorer, please use Mozilla firefox, Google chrome, or Microsoft edge
Sun, 8:33am - Miss Vee has joined the discussion.
Miss Vee @ Sun, 8:33am Good morning all
Sun, 8:34am - ok thank you so much has joined the discussion.
ok thank you so much @ Sun, 8:35am this is cathlyn jackson i downloaded google chrome and now it works thank you and god bless you!!!!
Miss Vee @ Sun, 8:38am Where is Jonathan
Miss Vee @ Sun, 8:39am Is he no longer the praise leader
Sun, 8:43am - adriane has joined the discussion.
Sun, 8:43am - Sonia has joined the discussion.
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Sonia @ Sun, 8:48am Good morning, Faith Center Family.
Sun, 8:49am - DKB has joined the discussion.
Admin @ Sun, 8:50am @MISS Vee,Our dear brother Jonathan is still part of the Ministry .H edecided to give up the Leadership of the choir to pursue his passion for Ministry work and Music.
Sun, 8:58am - lue has joined the discussion.
lue @ Sun, 9:00am my laptop is saying cannot load M3u8: Unable tofetch HTTP resource over HTTPS what doi do
Admin @ Sun, 9:11am @lue what browser do you use
Sun, 9:29am - Ariel has joined the discussion.
Ariel @ Sun, 9:30am Good morning all
Sun, 9:30am - google chrome has joined the discussion.
google chrome @ Sun, 9:32am am using google chrome
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google chrome @ Sun, 9:32am lue
Sun, 9:32am - Cherell has joined the discussion.
Cherell @ Sun, 9:33am good morning
google chrome @ Sun, 9:33am google chome
Ariel @ Sun, 9:33am God is able amen,amen
Cherell @ Sun, 9:33am @Admin what is the @ I need to text to give by text
Ariel @ Sun, 9:33am 😇😇
google chrome @ Sun, 9:35am u mean my email
Sharon UK @ Sun, 9:35am I will bless the Lord at all times, good times and bad.
google chrome @ Sun, 9:37am lue is using google chrome
Ciecie @ Sun, 9:40am Thank You!
Sun, 9:51am - Sonia Palmer UK has joined the discussion.
Sonia Palmer UK @ Sun, 9:52am Good morning from the UK
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Ariel @ Sun, 9:54am I love god so much however don't that's sad.
Desiree @ Sun, 9:54am Good Morning Sonia - from South Florida USA
Admin @ Sun, 9:54am @Cherell, The info you want will be dispalyed again during offering
Desiree @ Sun, 9:54am Have a blessed day everyone
Mersadies @ Sun, 9:55am You too. God Bless! @Desiree
Mersadies @ Sun, 9:56am Thank God you did not stop Bishop. I miss you and TFC ;( Hey Aunt Belinda sitting somewhere in a seat! Love you all!
Desiree @ Sun, 9:59am bye
Sun, 10:13am - Lourdie has joined the discussion.
Lourdie @ Sun, 10:14am Thank you for adding the link to the chat live. God wanted me to hear this message today. I was so moved and blessed. Thank pastor Fernandez for blessing me today.
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